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All Aboard for A Freaky Prometheus-Themed Métro Ride

Blink and you might miss an eerie promotional stunt happening below the streets of Paris.

All Aboard for A Freaky Prometheus-Themed Métro Ride

Remember back in 2010 when some Harry Potter prankster slapped a "9 3/4" sticker on a subway sign at 14th St. Union Square leaving wannabe wizards and witches crestfallen that the MTA wasn’t actually a U.S. portal to Hogwarts? Well, something similar is going down in Paris but for real—kind of. Sandwiched between the Strasbourg-Saint-Denis and République stops on the Métro line 9 is an ominous sticker that reads "Prometheus." That’s right, sci-fi fans—for a mere €1.70 you can pass by the alluringly desolate cavernous remains of ancient Earth as seen in the movie trailer, replete with that incredibly unsettling giant head.

Created as a marketing stunt to promote Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated film out June 8 stateside (May 30 in Paris—damn them), the Saint-Martin station, which has been abandoned since 1939, provides an all-too appropriate backdrop to recreate the overall apocalyptic mood of Prometheus—a rather eldritch shock to commuters just trying to get to work.

See the setup in motion taken with a camera phone from inside a Métro car below.

And as a point of reference for anyone dismally out of the loop, check out the trailer for Prometheus.