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Jimmy Choo's Crowdsourced Street Fashion Site Is In Step With Pinterest

New interactive microsite by Jimmy Choo features international street fashion photos from all over the world; allows users to submit (and buy) their own.

Jimmy Choo's Crowdsourced Street Fashion Site Is In Step With Pinterest

Upscale shoe brand Jimmy Choo has just launched Choo 24:7 Stylemakers, a site that celebrates street style photography with a gallery of images presenting stylish citizens rocking Choos around the world, all the time.

Choo 24:7 functions like a user-submitted version of the color forecast we saw last month. The site invites fans and photographers to participate by submitting street style images—including those of celebrities like Katy Perry and Emma Watson—showcasing their Choo-accented style. The best of these crowdsourced images are then uploaded onto the site and shared internationally.

The site seems in step with the wave of social fashion-sharing brought on by Pinterest, though it also takes a page from earlier street-inspired sites like Burberry’s Art of the Trench. Users can create their own Stylemaker photo galleries and post images direct from Facebook, digital photo albums, and Instagram. Those viewing the gallery can filter the pictures offered by time of day or city. There’s a clever e-commerce element built into the site as well: users can immediately link from favorite photos to buy Choos in similar styles.