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"Brave" Men Wear Kilts, According to Pixar

A mock ad promoting the forthcoming Pixar film, Brave, extols the joys and, um, freedom that come with wearing a kilt.

Brave may be the first Pixar film centered around a female lead, but its latest promotion is a mock ad that is strictly for the fellas.

"What makes a man feel like a man?" a voiceover asks, set against some scenes displaying the kind of strength and derring-do that typify masculinity. The answer the video offers, however, isn’t one you might expect. In the Highlands of Scotland, where the film is set, apparently nothing is considered more manly than the skirt-like kilt. Those bros who want to remain fashionable, yet rugged, are urged to make their brand "Kilt" by Ruff McLauren.

Brave, which is about a rebellious royal daughter who is a better archer than all her male suitors, opens June 22.