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A Fun, Google-Powered Way For English-Language Students To Improve Pronunciation

Brazil’s Loducca harnesses Google’s speech recognition capability and some cute animation to help people of all tongues improve their English pronunciation.

A Fun, Google-Powered Way For English-Language Students To Improve Pronunciation

As anyone who has tried to learn a new language knows, the most difficult aspect to master is pronunciation. Now, students studying English can improve their pronunciation skills via Easy Way Language Center’s Pronunciation Game. Created by São Paulo’s Loducca, the online game taps into Google speech recognition technology embedded in Chrome to translate the spoken word into written text.

The issue with so many language-learning tools is that they are dry, but this game has a sense of humor. Players observe various illustrated scenarios, and they’re all pretty wacky. Think everything from an ice-fishing polar bear conversing with a man to an astronaut chatting with an alien. When a bubble with a word pops up over one character’s head, you need to click on a microphone button and correctly pronounce that word to advance. (If you need a little help, you can cheat by clicking on another button that will play the correct pronunciation.) You get three tries to say the word perfectly before moving on to the next scenario, and at the end of the game, you can share your results via Facebook and Twitter.

A native English speaker, I was doing great until I came upon a horse saying the word "Fart." "Fart," I said, but the Google recognition tool kept insisting I was saying, "Bars," negatively impacting my final score. But, like they say, practice makes perfect.