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Ford Australia's Got Beef With Cane Toads

To illustrate the Ford Falcon’s four-cylinder engine delivering the power of a six, agency JWT Melbourne’s spot chooses the much despised amphibian as its whipping boy.

Ford Australia's Got Beef With Cane Toads

Warning: Ford Australia’s new ad for its Falcon model is not for those with weak constitutions—or for animal lovers. Though even the the most die-hard naturalists find it difficult to love the beast featured here.

Created by Agency JWT Melbourne, this 90-second spot—part biology lesson, part cautionary tale—introduces viewers to the cane toad: a major threat to Australian wildlife given its gross, poisonous secretions.

Taking into account Australians are none too friendly to these deadly amphibians in general, and that these two particular cane toads just happen to be chitchatting in the middle of an open road at night, and that this is a car commercial highlighting the Falcon’s six-cylinder power from only four—well, it doesn’t take a psychic to predict how things end. But getting there is quite fun, as we enjoy some amusing toad banter ("Stop licking your glands!").