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Watch a Building Get Twisted As Easily As a Nike Free Shoe

In the latest ad for the Nike Free, a projection mapping makes a building as easy to manipulate as a highly flexible new sneaker.

If there is one thing you should know about the Nike Free, it’s that it is a very flexible shoe. Until every last member of the shoe-buying public at large realizes as much, however, Nike will just have to keep demonstrating as much in clever new ways.

In the latest ad for the shoe from Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo, a series of pedestrians in nighttime Yokohama, Japan come across a waist-high podium, lit from within, with a shoe on top. This shoe has a cord running from it, which is plugged into the podium, and when the shoe is manipulated, there is quite a reaction. After an ominous rumble of moaning bass, most of the people who come across the shoe look around to see where the noise is coming from, and there it is: a building digitally projected to look as though it’s twisting in turn with the shoe.

Of course, ads that require surprised bystanders have proven to be rather popular lately.

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