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Harmony XL Reminds Men There's One Big Thing That Money Can't Buy

Even the most privileged men in the world envy someone. And if you wear super-sized condoms, it’s you.

Harmony XL Reminds Men There's One Big Thing That Money Can't Buy

Rock stars, pro footballers, and obscenely wealthy Arabian princes may seem like the object of envy, what with their bathtubs full of champagne, luxurious yachts, endorsement deals, fast cars, multiple homes and even more women, but according to this campaign for Harmony condoms, if they’re not sporting XL-Fit, they’ll never be quite man enough.

The exact opposite of Dove’s recent Ad Makeover, which aims to make women feel good about what the good Lord gave them, this trio of print executions from DraftFCB Lisbon makes very clear that for men, he who pitches the biggest tent wins.

In an aim to flip the circle of envy on its head, these copy-heavy ads outline the many riches and outlandish indulgences of the fab and famous. Yet if you, dear man, jacket your pocket pal with an XL rubber, well, you’ll be the object of their envy! Amusing in their grammatically odd copy that aspires to Most Interesting Man in the World heights, these ads are truly remarkable for their blatant misogyny, exaltation of excessive wealth, and schoolyard "who’s-got-the-bigger-dick" taunts.

We wonder if anyone ever told the creative team behind these ads that it’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it.