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What Is The Sound Of Home Improvement?

In the German home improvement store’s latest ad, the sounds that tools make are used to conduct a cacophonous symphony of weekend workmanship.

The sound of a power tool may be the most annoying thing in the world for someone trying to read a book. However, for the person who’s in the zone with a basement project, the sound just might be music to his or her ears. At least that’s the premise of a new ad by German home improvement superstore, Hornbach.

The ad was created by Berlin-based agency Heimat and Czech director Martin Krejci, as part of a larger campaign called "No One Feels It Like You Do." Much like the brand’s previous ads in the series, the latest one uses home improvement as a jumping-off point and takes viewers to a much trippier headspace, as a series of DIY-ers imagines their various tools as surreal manifestations of musical instruments. In director Krejci’s hands, that pounding jackhammer creates the same racket as a decked-out drum kit, the swish of a paint-roller resembles the bellow of a trombone, and the grating buzz of a hacksaw hits like a group of shrieking cellos. If your house has fallen into disrepair, perhaps this ad will incite you to get the band back together again.

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