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Watch A Scrollable Commercial On Facebook Timeline

Quechua debuts an ad for its "two-second tents" online. Not on YouTube, though, but with a series of photos to scroll through on its Facebook timeline.

Facebook timelines for brands have only been available a short while, but innovative uses for the platform just keep on coming. The latest is from outdoor clothing and equipment brand Quechua, and in order to watch it, users must play the role of projectionist with their scrolling fingers.

Dubbed "The Quechua Experiment," the new ad created by Paris-based agency Fred & Farid conjures Great Outdoors appeal with some very indoorsy ingenuity. In order to see the ad, users most scroll down to the southernmost image on Quechua’s Facebook timeline and click the button that reads "See More Recent Stories." Doing so opens up the next set of photos, and you should repeat the process 15 total times until all the images are open. Only upon reaching the very bottom of the timeline can the ad begin.

Similar to the recent Smart Car Argentina ad on Twitter, when users scroll up from the bottom of the timeline, the ad comes to life. Unlike that other ad, though, which had the look of a clever flipbook animation, the new ad consists of photos of people and landscapes (and of course Quechua’s "two-second tents"), giving it the feel of a live-action movie.

That’s not the only ad the brand has offered lately, though. Fred & Farid created another effort for Quechua, this one likening a camping trip to visiting the finest hotel in the world. Watch below to see what kind of amenities are available out there.