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Keith Schofield Leads Us On A Journey Of Self-Discovery And Dancing In Electric Guest's New Video

L.A. duo Electric Guest’s video for "This Head I Hold" is a story of choices, self-discovery, and conquering the demon of doubt. And dancing…lots of really special dancing.

Pull up a chair to the saddest audition for God knows what to ever grace a high school gym. Electric Guest’s clip for "This Head I Hold," the lead single from their Danger Mouse-produced album "Mondo," has frontman Asa Taccone sweating unnecessary bullets side stage while a cavalcade of talentless talents breakdance, wield sai, and sashay stiffly for three very patient judges. Taccone is obviously about to rip it something fierce, right? This is just a classic case of saving the best for last, right? Cut to a wicked case of nerves proving too much for Taccone as he makes a mad dash out of the building and into the desert where a touching vision quest shows him the right (or wrong?) path to follow.

Directed by Keith Schofield, "The Head I Hold" showcases some clever editing centered around Taccone’s journey to tripping the light fantastic—but at what cost?