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From Apple Protest To Prostitute Flash Mob—3 Must-See Marketing Stunts

Brands ranging from Samsung to Stop The Traffik are running wild in the streets. Here, three of the most noteworthy recent global stunts.

From Apple Protest To Prostitute Flash Mob--3 Must-See Marketing Stunts

Amsterdam Girls Gone Wild

This live spectacle from agency Duval Guillaume Modem drew attention to the issue of human trafficking with a fleshy bait-and-switch. Gawkers visiting the red light district of Amsterdam were surprised when the dead-eyed, come hither gyrations of presumed prostitutes in brothel windows began taking on a distinct pattern. Soon, a bi-level group of women begin a synched dance routine to a dubstep track. Onlookers are delighted until they’re slapped with the message: "Every year thousands of women are promised a dance career in Western Europe. Sadly, they end up here."
The stunt was created on behalf of anti-trafficking organization Stop The Traffik.

Samsung Apple Protest

Samsung has been building its marketing efforts around an anti-Apple message for the last several months—witness the brand’s spots making sport of the familiar sight of Apple store line standers. The company has now taken that attitude to the streets—of Australia. Samsung reportedly hired a street team to protest outside an Australian Apple Store, yelling "Wake up!" at its patrons. The stunt is accompanied by a Wake Up Australia website that looks to be counting down the launch of the next Galaxy phone there.

Americanino Strip QR Code

Clothing brand Americanino put together a stunt that managed to make QR codes somewhat interesting again—by using a "hypnotic" code to get young adults to strip down in public. Agency Santiago Digital set up a poster with a googly-eyed QR Code in a public square and when passersby scanned it, they were prompted to phone a number where they received a message describing their clothing in detail (calls came from a van parked nearby) and telling them they needed to rid themselves of their unsexy look. Those who took up the challenge and undressed, of course, got themselves some free garb from Americanino and those who didn’t got another kind of reward.