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Meet "The World's Most Downloaded Man," Bane Of Photographers Everywhere

Agency Filadélfia’s short for Câmera Clara follows a Brazilian photographer to Denmark to meet the man who represents the omnipresent bane of his career: stock photography.

Meet "The World's Most Downloaded Man," Bane Of Photographers Everywhere

Fernando Martins has a problem—a 6'3" Adonis of a problem, to be exact. Stock photos have been stripping Martins of work as a photographer and head of Brazil’s Câmera Clara Photography Studio; but there’s one ubiquitous face in particular that’s been on his mind, and it belongs to Jesper Bruun, "the world’s most downloaded man."

A five-minute short, created by Brazilian agency Filadélfia, chronicles Martins’ mission of coming face-to-handsome face with the model, traveling from his home in Belo Horizonte, Brazil to Bruun’s native land of Denmark.

What transpires is a rather awkward exchange of broken-English pleasantries, dotted with random rapid-fire questions, past-life postulations, and everyday moments-turned-ad-snapshots with Bruun illustrating that the world’s most downloaded man just can’t help the fact that, in his hands (or face), even the most mundane activities like shaving or spraying on deodorant wind up looking like picture-perfect stock photos. It seemed as if Martins was finally coming to understand and appreciate the man who, by simply doing his job, was in turn diminishing Martins’ job at Câmera Clara—that is until a "shocking" revelation stands to unravel the budding bromance.