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Volkswagen's New Beetle Site Asks You to Draw Some Things

A new site promoting the new Beetle puts users’ artistic skills to work with a series of drawing challenges that become part of an interactive story.

Volkswagen's New Beetle Site Asks You to Draw Some Things

It looks as though the recent Draw Something craze has spread out of the world of mobile apps and into advertising. That game (and possibly a cute site called Draw A Stickman) serve as inspiration for a new European Volkswagen website for the redesigned Beetle.

As soon as you arrive at the site, created by Try/Apt, Oslo, you’ll find a set of wheels floating in a cloud-shaped area. Here, you are asked to draw the Beetle that is to serve as tour guide for the rest of the site. There will be other things to draw very soon too, as it becomes apparent that your drawings serve to move the story along.

In order to hammer home the differences in the world between when the Beetle was first introduced and now, your makeshift Beetle soon bumps into a couple of Summer of Love hippies, one of whom needs a new guitar drawn for him. Completely unrelated, one of the next tasks is to draw a flower.

Some of the challenges are harder than others, but the website was designed with some wit for these moments. When the parachute I was asked to draw did not measure up to expectations, I was chided for it: "I said draw a parachute, not a jellyfish." Maybe you’ll fare better, though.