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Can You Guess What The (Barely Obscured) Naked Man In This Ad Is Selling?

In this NSFW-ish ad for… something, a generously proportioned man goes about his day entirely in the buff, making the product at hand seem wholly necessary.

The strategic blocking of naked people can be a provocative way to get laughs, but rarely is it as sorely needed and well appreciated as it is in this ad for Italian potting soil company, VigorPlant.

The ad, created by Italian agency Armando Testa, begins, as most days do, with a wake-up. The person who is rising here, however, is a great big mountain of a man who is quickly revealed to be either a nudist, or someone who has just hit the laundry crisis point. He is naked. So very naked. Luckily for us, though, he is just barely covered by a series of plant life as he goes about his day. Whether it be potted plants, flowers, shrubbery, or vines, by the end of the ad you’ll be grateful for all that VigorPlant has done for your eyes.