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Smart Car Argentina Turns Its Twitter Stream Into A Flipbook Animation

The 140-character Tweets are actually frames. Scroll down and watch the tiny car zoom through an ASCII landscape.

There are compact cars and then there’s the Smart car, a diminutive vehicle known for fitting in just about any parking spot imaginable. For its latest ad in Argentina, though, Smart goes off the grid completely and parks the microcar right inside its Twitter feed.

The brief ad, created by BBDO Argentina to launch the Smart Twitter feed, uses "animated" frames as tweets to create a flipbook effect. The famed "city car" is shown traveling down a bustling street, like notes plunked down on top of sheet music. This Smart car passes many other (bigger) vehicles, and lots of buildings (which appear to be smiling), before handily docking in a parking garage.

Bonus interactivity points: If you actually visit the Smart Twitter page, you can basically recreate the ad, just by scrolling down.