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See A Website Made Out Of Bacon, Courtesy Of Kraft

The campaign for Kraft Homestyle’s Sharp Cheddar and Bacon dish finds the brand refurbishing so that it’s filled with sizzling strips.

See A Website Made Out Of Bacon, Courtesy Of Kraft

Is there anything that can’t be improved by bacon? Now that Kraft has introduced its Sharp Cheddar and Bacon meal, the brand is bringing bacon into the digital space to spruce things up a little.

In a campaign by agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Kraft has taken over sports site, and outfitted it with something extra. Over the next few days, anyone visiting the site will notice a yellow button with three familiar wavy strips down the middle.

Clicking on the button induces a cloud of white smoke to fill the screen; the kind of smoke that usually accompanies grease popping on a griddle. After a wonky guitar riff gives way to a disembodied voice saying, "Mm, mm, bacon," the smoke clears and—voila!—Bleacher Report has been converted into a carnivore’s shangri-la.

Stacks and stacks of actual, non-animated bacon cover almost the entire website, bordering all the sports content. It even curves over the side of the page, giving the impression of depth. It’s a bacon-lover’s dream and quite possibly a vegetarian’s barf-inspiration. But mostly the first one.

Below is a behind-the-scenes video showing how the website was made.