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Nissan's Facebook-driven Bollywood Extravaganza

To promote the Nissan Micra, AKQA London has created "New Star of India," a social media-driven film featuring one of Bollywood’s hottest stars—oh, and 100 dancing cars.

Nissan's Facebook-driven Bollywood Extravaganza

When young love is ripped apart at the seams by a disapproving father, all one needs to do to get the girl back is stage an elaborate choreographed dance routine with 100 Nissan Micras—just ask Ranbir Kapoor. One of India’s biggest film stars lends his acting and singing chops to "New Star of India," a five-minute film created by the London arm of AKQA to promote the Nissan Micra. With its first project in India, the agency certainly knew how to make an entrance, shooting one of the largest productions seen at film studio Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad, India.

"New Star of India" is the grand finale of a campaign that has spanned traditional and social media efforts, the latter producing a cast of extras via a Facebook contest announced last fall. The search for talent was launched online in October with in conjunction with the Times of India network. Aspiring Bollywood stars could vie for a place in the film by uploading a video of them dancing; auditions were also conducted in shopping malls across India. More than 2,300 fans entered, and used Facebook to push family and friends to vote for them. 100 entrants with most online votes were chosen, and the featured 20 were hand-selected by Kapoor and his crew. One lucky member of Nissan India’s Facebook community will also have the chance to win an orange Micra during a scheduled April press event in Mumbai.

For those who haven’t seen the spot on Nissan India’s Facebook page, moviegoers in 3,500 theaters across India can catch Kapoor in all his car-dancing, girl-swooning glory starting today as a 60-second trailer—or one can just watch it in its entirety below.