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"Flush Of Fortune" Promotion Offers Payday For Toilet Roulette

Unilever brand Domestos promotes its new bleach with a Facebook game that pays big for those who have their minds in the toilet.

"Flush Of Fortune" Promotion Offers Payday For Toilet Roulette

Outside of potty training, rare is the opportunity to actually reap rewards from getting something inside of a toilet. Perhaps that’s the appeal of Domestos’ new Facebook game, which is making a splash online today.

The Unilever brand is introducing its new Extended Germ Kill bleach by rolling out a roulette-like game that pays out £1000 to a daily winner. Users need only go to the dedicated page, and log in through Facebook to get going on the game, which was created by London-based agency Lean Mean Fighting Machine. Flush of Fortune consists of a ring of 12 interconnected toilets. One of these conveniences will have the user’s (no doubt proud) face on it, spinning around as a red ball threatens to drop in. The more social a user is about the game on Facebook, the better his or her (but let’s face it: probably his) odds are to win. The game starts at 6.30 p.m. each day and ends at the same time the following day, with the player whose face the ball lands on winning the cash prize.

Although perhaps not as well-paying, Domestos had another interactive promotion in 2010, the Flush Tracker. It’s more interesting than it sounds.