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1 minute read Invites You To Book A Vacation Using Only Your Mind

In a targeted ad for, users are encouraged to book their next vacation using the power of their minds. (Mind powers sold separately.)

Last week, it was hypnotism, today it’s mind control. What mental power will be used in an ad next? Telepathy? (You already know the answer if you’re telepathic.)

In the latest ad for, an intentionally cheesy-looking outer space graphic invites viewers to practice searching a flight using only the power of their mind. Next,’s user interface appears on-screen and the overly theatrical voice of a Scooby Doo villain implores you to try moving the cursor with your mind.

In an interesting move, the creative team behind the ad, New York-based agency, BFG9000 will be monitoring social media mentions of terms like "mind control," "using only my mind," "thought control," "hypnosis," "telekinesis," etc., and then will be sending the ad to those discussing the topics directly.