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Unlikely Opponents Rugby It Out In HSBC's Ad For The Hong Kong Sevens

Cowboys race disco dancers through the streets of Hong Kong in this chaotic clip touting HSBC’s sponsorship of the world-class rugby tourney.

A well-matched rugby game is already pretty exciting, but even more so when the game spills off of the field and into the streets. And when Lucha Libre wrestlers are involved.

The end of March each year means the beginning of The Hong Kong Sevens rugby tournament, which is co-sponsored by HSBC and Cathay Pacific. To help promote the event this year, HSBC is rolling out an ad created by JWT London which demonstrates both the ferocity of the games and the rabid fandom it inspires.

Because fans in the stadiums have taken to dressing up in seriously elaborate costumes in recent years to root for their teams, HSBC’s ad features a handful of costumed teams playing hard-nosed smash-mouth rugby out in the streets of Hong Kong. A team composed of classic, green toy army men viciously body checks a gang of cowboys in the middle of a street fair, while Roman Centurions duel it out with Santa’s elves. Essentially, who you root for depends on your upbringing.

As a bonus, sharp-eyed rugby fans should watch out for cameos from former England and British Lions player Jason Robinson and past Australia captain George Gregan.