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Louis Vuitton Teaches Ironic Copyright 101 Lesson

Upscale fashion brand gets litigious upon finding its logo used on a poster—promoting a symposium on fashion copyright law.

Louis Vuitton Teaches Ironic Copyright 101 Lesson

Louis Vuitton corporate apparently felt that its copyright was being trampled upon when the world-famous LV logo was prominently featured in a poster. The only catch: It was a poster advertising a symposium on Fashion Law and IP, put together by law students at the University of Pennsylvania. In other words, the poster was designed by a group that is eminently knowledgable on how to display a logo without infringing on a company’s intellectual property. The poster converts those LVs into TMs, a design element serving both form and function here. Unsurprisingly, the law school responded with a letter stating the claim was baseless and inviting representatives from LVMH to attend the seminar and learn more about copyright law.

Have a look at the offending poster below.