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Now There's a Video For That Gorillaz, James Murphy, And Andre 3000 Collaboration

"Do Ya Thing" is the latest entry in Converse’s "Three Artists. One Song" series, and now it has a very Gorillaz-centric video, directed by Jamie Hewlitt.

The new Gorillaz song, featuring Andre 3000 and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, debuted online last week, in both a standard version and an insane 13-minute iteration. What would a Gorillaz project be without some visual aids, though?

The video for the song, which was made as part of Converse’s "Three Artists. One Song" series, made its way online today, and fans of the cartoon band will not be disappointed. Animated Gorilla in Chief, 2-D, with his absurdly long legs and black chasms for eyes, stars in the video, leading viewers on a tour of a house that should definitely be condemned. Directed by the band’s cofounder, artist Jamie Hewlitt, the video lets 2-D loose in a live-action setting. As he wanders around the house in long static shots that eschew the quick-cuts of most music videos, he stumbles upon his bandmates, some strangers, and a bowl full of severed ears. Don’t ask.

After watching the video, have a look at the making-of below.