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A New Function For Pinterest: Talent Recruitment Tool

Now hiring someone more creative than this job listing.

A New Function For Pinterest: Talent Recruitment Tool

Since the social image-sharing site Pinterest functions like a cork board already, it was only a matter of time before someone pinned a Help Wanted posting on it.

London-based digital agency Work Club is looking for a new creative director, emphasis on the first word. To that end, the company has made use of burgeoning social player Pinterest for a creative job listing. The post has a narrative that unfolds through pinned images and accompanying text. (A picture of Matt Damon in his Saving Private Ryan army duds has a caption that reads "So we’re searching for someone.")

Creative agencies typically go beyond the standard fare for ads recruiting new talent, but is it a credit to Work Club that they harnessed an emerging platform in a new way, or is it a gratuitous use of an of-the-moment social tool?

Weigh in, and follow the pin-based ad below.

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