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Wes Anderson Directs Hyundai's Oscars Campaign

Marvel at the immaculate chaos in a pair of ads directed by Wes Anderson, timed to coincide with Sunday’s Academy Awards telecast.

We’ve got many months to go before Wes Anderson’s next film is due, but anyone hankering for a quick fix of the auteur’s particular aesthetic need look no further than the latest Hyundai ads.

In the first of the characteristically zippy ads for the 2012 Azera, which have begun airing during Oscar week, the emphasis is on the car’s BlueLink function, which responds to voice commands. The ages-old desire for a communicative car is demonstrated through kitschy action-adventure scenes of a family alternately flying, going underwater, and locked into a high-speed pursuit—all the while conversing with their conveyance.

Guess whether each frame is meticulously composed, or if there are rapid panning shots.

The second ad features the kind of bustling, idiosyncratic household that is Anderson’s stock in trade. A harried father is attempting to cook dinner while at least seven children bounce around the house in various costumes (scuba diver, cardboard robot, wicked witch of the west). Mom would lend a hand, but she is preoccupied with the 2012 Azera.

These aren’t the first ads that have lured Anderson away from the big screen. Below are some of the director’s previous commercial efforts: