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See Animated GIFs From Burberry's London Fashion Week Show

The brand known for bringing digital innovation to the fashion category is tweeting animated GIFs from its London Fashion week show, live streaming on its site and projecting the action in outdoor spaces in London and Beijing.

See Animated GIFs From Burberry's London Fashion Week Show

Burberry has been among the brands that's helped bring the fashion world kicking and screaming into the present, with smart, often simple uses of available digital and social media tools. Last year's "Tweetwalk" allowed fans around the world to see each look from the catwalk via Twitter; its past "Retail Theater" efforts allowed customers at Burberry stores around the world to see a live stream of the runway show and then order looks via iPads.

For its 2012 London Fashion Week show, held today, February 20, the brand is once again employing Twitter to share all the looks from the runway with its nearly 800,000 followers and extended social circles. This time, Burberry is using simple animated GIFs to showcase each look. The brand is also hosting a shareable live video stream from its site and will project the show on outdoor screens in locations around London and Beijing. See GIFs from the show below.