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"I'm Here To Snake Your Drain": Liquid Plumr Double Impact Spot Really Goes There

It’s not every day that drain cleaner advertising evokes double penetration (or a threesome, or both). But today is one of those days.

Well, Liquid Plumr is clearly not screwing around.

The brand recently introduced a product add-on that provides a dual-action boost for the pipe-clearing Liquid Plumr gel itself—a barbed plastic strip that grabs gook out of drains.

And with all that talk of pipes, how could the company and agency DDB San Francisco not just go for it with a downright dirty spot featuring two hunky guys who show up to tag-team a bespectacled lady’s stopped-up parts.

"I’m here to snake your drain," and "I’m here to flush your pipe" are only the beginning. Every possible opportunity to evoke long things going into pipes and associated activities is, er, plumbed. There’s a "long snake" that grabs deep clogs and a powerful gel to "finishe off the rest, baby."
There’s even some melon sniffing.

The spot was directed by Clay Weiner.

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