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Your Glass Of Restaurant Tap Water Goes To Work: Unicef And Droga5 Kick Off Tap Project 2012

To kick off the sixth year of Tap Project, agency Droga5 taps artist Tavis Coburn.

In 2007, agency Droga5 created Tap Project, a campaign that allowed New York restaurant diners to contribute to Unicef’s clean water efforts by simply ordering tap water with their meal and paying an extra $1 for the privilege. The campaign has since raised $3 million for clean water in the U.S. and has become a global effort, with agencies around the world creating Tap Project campaigns in their own markets.

Tap Project returns for World Water Week 2012—March 19-25 with an integrated campaign featuring posters from artis Tavis Coburn, running online and in print. The campaign, created again by Droga5, will also include outdoor executions including a Times Square jumbotron and a spot, directed by Brent Harris, which launches online and on TV today.

The Tap Project site lists participating restaurants and ideas for volunteering during World Water Week.