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Super Bowl XLVI

Kia "A Dream Car. For Real Life."

In the Super Bowl ad for the Kia Optima, a man’s extra-powerful dream includes sandwich lumberjacks, Mötley Crüe, and a man riding a rhinoceros. Oh, and a Kia is there too.

Kia "A Dream Car. For Real Life."

What could possibly top supermodel Adriana Lima waving a racing flag for five hours? The race itself, it turns out.

In the extended version of Kia’s Super Bowl ad for the Optima, which was created by agency David & Goliath, a sleepy-time fairy enters the bedroom of a slumbering couple and sprinkles some magic dream-dust on the wife. She immediately begins to dream of a Victorian era hero on horseback who takes her for a ride through a picturesque meadow. On the way over to the husband’s side of the bed, however, the diminutive fairy trips over a wayward shoe (typical men and their sloppy ways!) and ends up dumping about a sand bucket’s worth of dust on the sleeping guy’s face.

The resulting dream is fairly high octane, even by Super Bowl commercial standards. At Lima’s signal, the dreaming driver starts speeding down a race track. Here he encounters Mötley Crüe (it’s unexplained why the man dreams of the bloated, latter day Crüe, rather than the 1988 vintage), ultimate fighter Chuck Liddell exploding an opponent’s head, and legions of cheering bikini girls. Just when you think the ad has turned a typically male-patronizing corner, however, the ad comes to a surprisingly cute and, dare we say, touching conclusion.

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