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An 1884 Classic Reimagined For the 2012 Olympics

Does the image above remind you of anything?

An 1884 Classic Reimagined For the 2012 Olympics

It’s not you. Neville Gabie, artist-in-residence for London 2012 Olympics observed the Olympics site as it was being built over the last year and half and saw a resemblance to a certain painting. This one:

Gabie turned French post-impressionist Georges Seurat’s Bathers At Asnières into a more contemporary reflection on the Olympics—instead of starring the engineering staff and landscapers and who have been working at the Games’ site. The photo, Freeze Frame, was taken in June 2011 and is part of the Olympic Delivery Authority’s Art In The Park.

Gabie has created a number of works for the 2012 Games including a time-lapse film capturing the site build.

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