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Super Bowl XLVI

Acura "Transactions"

Acura promotes the upcoming NSX in the car company’s first-ever Super Bowl ad.

Acura "Transactions"

Noted auto enthusiast and comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld is at the center of Acura’s first-ever Super Bowl ad, playing himself, of course. This is not, however, a commercial about nothing. In the ad, gazillionaire comedian and former Porsche endorser Seinfeld really, really wants the first Acura NSX as soon as it leaves the manufacturer (which won’t be until 2015).

Over the next minute and a half, Seinfeld offers a series of increasingly fantastic bribes to customer number one in an effort to get that car. Unfortunately, the other Acura-customer turns out to be Seinfeld’s most formidable opponent since Newman, fellow auto enthusiast Jay Leno.

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