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Super Bowl XLVI

Honda "Matthew's Day Off"

After releasing a mysterious teaser last week, Honda unveils the full Ferris in its Matthew Broderick-starring Super Bowl ad.

Honda "Matthew's Day Off"

Life moves pretty fast. One day you see a 10-second snippet of… something portending the return of Ferris Bueller, and the following Monday all is revealed.

It didn’t take long on Friday for the world (or at least Jalopnik) to figure out that the very brief clip of Matthew Broderick back in Ferris mode was the teaser for a Honda ad, rather than a new movie. What was not clear was whether the whole ad would be leaked before the Super Bowl, and now we have the answer.

It turns out Matthew Broderick isn’t reprising his role as Ferris, so much as nodding to it in an extended homage. The clever premise is that the actor, playing himself, doesn’t feel like going to work on a movie one day, and instead pulls a Ferris. The following two minutes offer up a buffet of Bueller, only updated to reflect Matthew Broderick’s reality now. This includes a really intense interaction with a walrus in the Museum of Natural History (we’re not in Chicago anymore), and a lot of daring dodges from Broderick’s agent, rather than Principal Rooney. See if you can spot all the FBDO references (according to Honda, there are over 24 of them).

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