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How One Bank Rethought Automated Customer Service

Norway’s DNB Bank, known for putting George Clooney in its advertising, is back with an angelic take on robo-support.

How One Bank Rethought Automated Customer Service

When we last checked in with Norwegian bank DNB (and it’s worth noting here that we’ve checked in with a Norwegian bank), the company was getting international notice for putting an international playboy in an ad.

Recently, through agency Try/Apt (who we’ve profiled in these pages before), the bank tried to bring that same kind of charm to one of the more charmless "touch points" of any corporation—automated customer service.

Looking to promote the bank’s sponsorship of the country’s famed Norwegian Broadcasting Boy’s Choir, the agency turned DNB’s phone persona over to the choir itself. For the month of December, instead of the usual bot reciting the telebanking menu, callers heard their options and balances sung in the boys’ sweet, pre-pubescent tones.

It apparently worked well for the bank, but one hopes that the choir boys were given the chance to opt out.

See the agency’s previous DNB spot below.