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Super Bowl XLVI

Coca-Cola's Polar Bears Return For Super Bowl, Interact With On-Screen Action

The Coca-Cola Polar Bears will be making a splash in this year’s Super Bowl, watching the game along with fans via Facebook.

There’s been a big, furry, bear-shaped gap in Coca-Cola’s advertising strategy for some time—a problem the company will rectify in its approach to this year’s Super Bowl.

The Coca-Cola polar bears make their long-awaited return to high-profile soda-guzzling not only in two 30-second Game Day spots, "Catch" and "Superstition," but also in the social sphere. During the game, you can go to, which will be hosted within Facebook, and watch the bears watch the game.

The polar bears won’t just be sitting still either, they’ll be reacting to the action on the field. The site will feature two animated bears, each wearing a team-themed scarf. When action unfolds in the game, or even in the other ads, the bears will react appropriately. The bears will also be interacting with fans via Coke’s Twitter account.

Coke created two versions of "Catch" and will decide during the game which ad will air, depending on what’s happen between the Giants and Patriots.

The campaign was created by agency Wieden + Kennedy together with digital shop 360i and visual effects company Framestore.