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JC Penney Just Says No To The Status Quo With New Campaign

JC Penney launches a new campaign to mark a major brand reinvention.

JC Penney Just Says No To The Status Quo With New Campaign

110-year-old retailer JC Penney has launched a major new ad campaign that encourages consumers to reject frustrating sale experiences. The ad efforts, as well as a new logo, product lines, and pricing policies, are part of a major brand overhaul planned by Apple exec turned JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson.

The new campaign, from Mother New York, includes TV and outdoor ads and a Facebook page where visitors can scream into a "No Meter" to measure their frustration level. The spot, shown here, depicts various shoppers screaming their displeasure with flyers, lines, and other bad sale-related experiences.

The campaign paves the way for the marketer’s new "Fair & Square" price structure, which rolls out February 1. A new approach to pricing is one component of sweeping changes that Johnson plans to introduce at the chain. The retailer will also rethink store layouts, including the creation of a "Town Square" space in high traffic areas and introduce new designer lines.

JC Penney ad in Herald Square
JC Penney’s new logo
JC Penny on Facebook
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