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Audi Ad Will Inevitably Make You Say "Thar She Blows!"

A snowbound tow truck driver thinks the Audi Quattro is mocking him, much in the way that a certain whale tormented a certain salty old sea captain.

It takes a lot of blubber to compare your car with Moby Dick, but Audi has done just that in its latest ad for the Quattro. Of course, every great whale needs its Ahab and this one’s no exception.

In the spot, created by Venables Bell & Partners San Francisco and directed by Daniel Kleinman, a grizzled man operates a tow truck in the thick of a snowy landscape. It looks like a scene from some new occupational show on The History Channel—Alaskan Thunder Tow Trucks, perhaps. Only this particular worker seems motivated far beyond the typical call of duty.

"You name it, I’ve hooked it," claims the salty Ahab-surrogate. "But there’s one that’s always eluded me." From there we see the tow truck driver tracking his bête noire, the Quattro, through various means which may include tasting freshly made tire tracks in the snow. Thankfully, it is never implied that the car has left a Moby Dick-like body count in its wake, but rather that it torments the driver though its relentless sleekness, ability to handle corners, and "those unmistakable eyes that haunt my dreams."

If Melville’s most famous work is any indication, this will not end very well, and most of us will pretend we made it all the way through to find out.