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A Moment Of Digital Silence For Steve Jobs

For the cost of a song download, you can put a brief "moment of silence" MP3 on your iPod, to honor the man responsible for that device, and many others.

Steve Jobs would probably have wanted it this way.

Agency Knarf has found a way to pay tribute to Apple’s recently fallen leader through the very platform he famously pioneered. The company is now offering The Steve Jobs Moment of Silence as a digital audio download on iTunes for $0.99. Proceeds from sales will go to several pancreatic cancer organizations, so by purchasing the file, downloaders not only show some respect for the Apple innovator, they are helping to fight the disease that claimed him.

The length of this "moment" is eight seconds—a number that symbolizes the eight years Jobs spent fighting pancreatic cancer. A video demonstration shows the download pop up on somebody’s playlist in a short break sandwiched between a Bob Dylan track and a Beatles song ("Revolution," naturally). It’s short enough that you might not notice it, but even so, underfunded cancer researchers will definitely notice the contribution.