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South African Fast Food Chain Sends A Delicious Message To The Blind

Wimpy offer blind customers a message about their menu’s accessibility.

The latest thing in fast food: edible Braille.

Wimpy, a restaurant franchise based in South Africa, found an interesting way to let visually impaired customers know that they have Braille menus handy in all of their locations: by placing Braille messages on hamburger buns, with words spelled out in sesame seeds. A video promoting the effort shows Wimpy sandwich artisans using tweezers to painstakingly place each individual seed on each bun. The specialized burgers bearing various messages about burger authenticity ("100% pure beef!") were brought to three Braille institutions for future customers to enjoy.

Admittedly, the footage of them discovering the message is super cute, and will make you appreciate the fact that you can see it.