This Guy Trusts His Product Enough To Eat Pasta Off A Crowded Subway Platform by @jeffcbeer via @FastCoCreate
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This Brand Manager Trusts His Product Enough To Eat Food Off A Crowded Subway Platform

Bissell Canada brand manager Ravi Dalchand is very confident in this steam cleaner.

Stunts that test the capability and quality of a product have been known to work from time to time.

Here, Bissell Canada and agency KBS+ Toronto decided to put the brand's newest steam cleaner to the ultimate test. Senior brand manager Ravi Dalchand cleaned a small square of space on the floor of Toronto's busiest subway station and proceeded to eat pasta off it. Oh, and then sop up the extra sauce with some bread.

The shocked reactions of passersby are no surprise. The new Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop boasts it can clean up 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Still, considering that more than 400,000 people walk through Bloor subway station everyday and 93% of shoes have some sort of fecal matter on them, Dalchand really took one for the team.

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  • It kind of makes you sick to look at it though, even if you know what he just did. Maybe effective, maybe still nausea inducing.

  • Hugh Switzer

    To be fair, this was actually in Toronto's least busy subway station, lower bay station, only used for movie shoots and the occasional party and not open to the public, but he still did something I would never do. Great vid nonetheless!

  • Ten minutes later after eating he finds out it wasn't ON. LOL. No, joke. But definitely a quick, straight forward/clear msg, and shocking way for strengthening the brand. He knows it'll go viral.

  • Ten minutes after eating he finds out it wasn't ON. No, joke but definitely a quick, simple, straight forward and shocking way for strengthening the brand