The \"Airbnb Logos" Tumblr celebrates all things gross and cute that the relaunched logo looks like, besides a vagina.
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This Tumblr Shows Everything Airbnb's New Logo Looks Like, In Addition To A Vagina

From lewd to cute, the "Airbnb Logos" Tumblr compiles all the images that the company's recently relaunched and controversial logo resembles.

Airbnb's new logo has been described as a Rorschach test. You see inside of it only what you wish to see. It looks like a guitar pick. It looks like Facebook Places. It looks like the pagan symbol, Triquetra. There are so many different variations on this malleable image, in fact, that the new Tumblr Airbnb Logos might remain up and running long past its news cycle-determined expiration date.

When Airbnb revealed a major rebrand recently, a great many people who spend each day waiting for marginally amusing current events to beat into the ground decided that the new logo bears a resemblance to female genitalia. While we at Fast Company were quick to disabuse the logo-viewing public of this notion, it had already captured the popular imagination. The Airbnb Logos Tumblr celebrates this mild obsession by chronicling the best iterations, from pug noses to all manner of butts. Whether the logo does indeed resemble anything lewd in a vacuum is now irrelevant, because with a little bit of editing for context, it can, and will, be made to look like everything that is lewd. If you look at these logos really close, though, you can see how bored we all are.

Have a look at more Airbnb logos in the slides above.

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