A Hard-Hitting Message From The Israel-Palestine Conflict: "We Don't Want You Here"

Family members of fallen victims appear in this new PSA condemning the conflict.

Over the last couple of weeks, fighting between Israel and Hamas, has seen Israel hit more than 2,000 targets in Gaza and Hamas launch nearly 1,500 rockets at Israel. There has been high-profile deaths of children and now the reported launch of ground troops.

In the midst of the tragedy, an organization called Palestinian Israeli Bereaved Families for Peace and agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel, have weighed in on the ongoing conflict. In the new PSA, Palestinians and Israelis repeat the seemingly inflammatory phrase "We don't want you here." In the end, though, it's revealed to be a plea from people who have lost family members to the violence, for no one on either side of the conflict to join their ranks.

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  • Daniel Gertsikov

    We love you ISRAEL. The only Democracy in a sea of hatred, intolerance and religious fanaticism. Europe got itself in too deep by allowing muslims in their country. Now, they paying for that dearly and that is just a beginning....

  • irichman

    The Arabs occupy 99.9% of the Middle East and have made a mess of everything with their terrorists, jihadists, Sharia law, laws against women, stoning people to death, cutting off hands if you steal. They are jealous of little Israel who is the hit of the Middle East in democracy, medicine, science, technology, agriculture, transportation, utilities, renewable energy, pipelines to bring gas to Jordan and Egypt. Jealousy of the Arabs who have never contributed anything to this world except terrorism, Osama Bin Laden, Qaddifi, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, ETC. What a group! The Palestinians are another group of Arabs who belong in one of the other Arab countries They contribute nothing to this world except murder and terrorism.

  • John Doeman

    the israeli and palestinian conflict is not an American concern. those who want to take sides in their silly war are free to go. American owe the animals in the middle nothing but contempt for extorting our weapons and tax dollars and killing our soldiers.

  • Don Gotshalk

    Imagine if the Iron dome did not work? Imagine if the tunnels remained? Imagine if the civilian casualties were equal? 2000 children of Isaeli Jews, Christians, Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, Druze, Bedouins and Israeli Arabs had been killed and 10 thousand wounded? Imagine if the Israeli's decided to remove Hamas leadership from Gaza? How come that is never considered?

  • George Lechter

    Soon those rockets will land much more precisely on target. On one day 1000 Israeli schools will be hit with 50,000 Israeli children dead. That day I hope the Israeli leadership instead of talk and walk to gas chambers has the quick guts to nuke Gaza and erase the whole rocket launch problem.

    While at it, use 100 nukes for Iran, they are prepraring the Tel Aviv and New York nukes.

    Israel is now facing enemies that truly do not fear death, Israelis do fear death, and if they do not use their 500 nukes to nuke their ruthless enemies, they will be like the Christians that are being attacked ruthlessly.

    Time to clean house. Respect your enemy. Kill him.

  • Andrew Levy

    Most of the world hate word of God, the world determine human rights on man's opinion and not God laws, in the end prophet Zechariah says the world will turn against Jews and Israel. The Jews will one align God and does people in trust love God no one else.

  • Elizabeth Allen

    Israel has lost all credibility in this latest attack on defenseless Gazans. There is now no way for a ONE STATE SOLUTION. There must be a TWO State Solution, meaning the land stolen by Israel from the Palestinans must be returned to create enough space for the two states. Palestine must have all occupied forces out of their country, no Zionist checkpoints. Palestine has a right to self determination. Israel CANNOT rob the $4billion in gas reserves in Gaza. That is the one thing that would help the Palestinan economy. For those of you living in Israel, you surely must know the world condemns that fascist regime of bibi. He IS YOUR problem. He has created war crimes, according to the Geneva Conventions. In the US even jewish brothers and sisters march with US, against the fascist regime of Bibi the Terrible. There will be peace in the middle east when the US Congress is forced by our voters not to give Israel another red cent so you can continue bombing and threatening your neighbors

  • Daniel Gertsikov

    You jeff either an idiot or just plain old anti-Semite.. Get out of my sight...

  • Andrew Levy

    You and the world based human rights on man's opinion not God's laws; we Jews celebrate the holiday, Sukkots and talk about prophet Zechariah; states, the world turn against Israel and will no other allies except God and those trust obey God law, no one elese

  • Robbie Blau

    $4 Billion in Gas reserves in Gaza??? What in the world are they eating there. The UNRA rations are full of Beans I suppose.

  • virginia.villanueva97

    No Israel has not lost any credibility at all. It is defending it's people like the USA should, but doesn't have the back bone Israel has. The Hamas leaders are cowards that hide behind innocent children. So if you like the Hamas so much go live with them.

  • Mary Lynne Godwin

    Palestine has never been state, how can they reclaim what was never theirs?

  • rrdh45

    Israel was misnamed Palestine by the Romans to punish the Jews for revolting. In 1947, the name Palestinian almost always referred to the Jews living in Israel. The so-called Palestinians were referred to as Egyptians, Syrians, or Arab Palestinians.

  • John Doeman

    Palestine has never been state

    During the period of the judges Israel went in a cycle. Again and again the people drifted away from God and worshiped idols. So God allowed their enemies to defeat them. However when they cried out to God he raised up a judge to lead them and defeat their enemies. Yet each time a judge died they went back to their old ways. 63 BC The Roman general Ptolemy captured Jerusalem. From this time Israel was ruled by the Romans. It was divided into three parts, Galilee in the north, Samaria in the middle and Judea in the south.

  • Gil Michaeli

    Israel didn't STEAL Palestinian land. First of all, there was no Palestine before 1967, and Israel wouldn't have been in Gaza and the West Bank at all if Jordan and Egypt hadn't attacked Israel in 1967.

  • mikey248

    Israel already pulled out of Gaza...nine years ago. And rather than building a state, the Palestinians there started three wars against Israel. There was no blockade against Gaza until the Palestinians voted in a group--Hamas--sworn to destroy Israel and even to kill all Jews globally. All of these choices against two states and against peace have been the choices of Arabs. Every single decision.

  • aehalbert

    Hamas are the ones responsible for the deaths of the Palestinians, not the Israeli's. The cowards & terrorists that are Hamas, fire their rockets at Israel whilst hiding behind innocent Palestinians, knowing full well what the outcome will be. To be sure, there are extremists on both sides, but in the case of the unfortunate Palestinians, the extremists are the ones that are running the country. Until the Palestinians have leaders that really want peace, are prepared to recognize Israels right to exist & will renounce terrorism, the bloodshed will continue & Israel will have no choice but to continue to defend themselves.