This "Rudely Named Locations" Map Takes You Far Beyond Lake Titicaca

Find out every place in the world that is named anything like Hooker, Oklahoma.

Fans of the seminal Jackass visit to Mianus sketch will be delighted to learn that there are places in the world with even more compellingly juvenile names. This new interactive map of such places should keep the fifth-grader within us all snickering for days.

Sure, we all knew about Lake Titicaca. That's the first thing you learn in school after the existence of football overlord Dick Butkus. It turns out, though, that such places are, um, bush league when compared with Spanker Knob, Australia, and Felchville, Massachusetts. These places and more come to life before your tittering gaze in the world map created by geotechnologist Gary Gale to showcase rudely named locations you may never have heard of. Of course, you may think that you're better than this map—that because you shop for your own groceries and do pilates, etc., these sorts of things should no longer appeal to you. This is simply not misguided, however, and the folks in Spread Eagle, Newfoundland, will tell you the same.

H/t to The Verge

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  • You have Intercourse, Pennsylvania, but never found Climax, Pennsylvania? Proof this map was made by a man... (and missing the safest city in France, Condom)

  • justsomeguy

    Huh, there's none from Finland? Well here's couple for you guys

    Homeperseensuo = Moldass' swamp Siitinselkä = Penisback Hevonperse = Horse's ass Peräsuolijoki = Rectumriver Mulkkusaaret = Fucker islands Satiaissaari = Crab louse island Mällinmutka = Cum's curve