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Here's Your Future: Striking Photos Provide A Close-Up Look At 100-Year-Old Models

Anastasia Pottinger finds the beauty in extreme age.

Like many commercial photographers, Anastasia Pottinger spends much of her time documenting the early stages of life: babies, little kids, and young families. But then a 101-year-old woman offered to sit nude for Pottinger's camera. The result was a powerful series of close-ups that exposed the true aesthetics of age. Pottinger has now shot other centenarians in a collection by the same name. The photographs are beautiful but, maybe for some, difficult to look at.

After shooting the first subject, Pottinger says on her site, "I knew I was looking at something very special. It was when I began exhibiting the work that the idea to continue the series was born. The response to the images has been remarkable. Viewers are visibly moved by what they are looking at. Whether it’s wondering, "Is this what I’m going to look like?" or remembering a loved one, the response seems to be universally emotional on some level."

Whether you find the images striking or scary, this is life, at the extremities, as it's rarely captured in art.

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  • Edmond O'Neill

    My mom is 104.She walked 7miles aday for the last 30years. We don't know where the hell she's at !

  • Devan Brown

    I lost my 88 year old mother 10 weeks ago. There is beauty in every living thing, no matter how old or young. Thank You for these photos.

  • Kat Jewels

    At 100 yrs old, who is to say how your skin should look.I feel the face is of more importance. Photograph faces that show the timeline of life along with your images of body deterioration.

  • The thing is, we have all seen pictures of old peoples' faces, thousands of times. But nobody has ever taken pictures of their bodies like this. That's taboo, which is why these are so powerful.

  • Kat Jewels

    We all age differently. I would like to see photos of more than one person. The aesthetics of aging can not be judged based on theses photos.

  • Sorry sweetie but you're going to slow aging down, get a grip life and wrinkles happen... Eventually we will all get them. Take care of your body but realize that we will all age.

  • No one's judging. People this age have wrinkled skin and sagging flesh. This isn't a negative or a positive. It's just a fact. The only reason some people think it's a negative is because it's a sign that you've aged and are therefore probably closer to death than a 20 year-old.

  • Eliza Thornberry Wong

    The images are beautiful, and only show what nature provided us, as well as being human. Purely.

  • bulachess

    Someone who reaches 100 years should be celebrated. They are a window to yesterday's world. They are beautiful and worthy of honor.