Coke Uses Drones To Deliver Refreshment To Singapore's Migrant Workers

The brand makes a special air delivery to more than 2,000 construction workers.

Singapore has more than 1.3 million migrant workers, accounting for more than a third of the country's entire workforce. As the migrant population has grown, so too has the economic and social gap between them and native Singaporeans, resulting in calls for higher pay and better working conditions. Coca-Cola and the nonprofit organization Singapore Kindness Movement decided that they wanted to provide a gesture of appreciation to the people, many far away from their own family and friends, building the wealthy city-state.

Together with agency Ogilvy & Mather Singapore, Coke used drones to deliver "Happiness from the Skies." More than 2,700 photos with handwritten notes were collected from everyday Singaporeans and attached to cans of Coke, then flown by custom delivery drones to, in some cases, as high as the 35th story of construction sites.

Eugene Cheong, chief creative officer of Ogilvy & Mather Asia Pacific, said in a statement that part of the purpose was to use a technology so often associated with violence in a more positive way. "By deploying drone technology in a new, creative, and entirely unexpected way, we not only brought a little happiness to two disparate segments of society but also built an invisible bridge that connects the guest workers to the local community."

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  • Danielle L'aviere

    PR stunt. A big corporation delivers a few cans of coke and use these people to portrait its brand without changing the conditions these guys live by being exploited by building companies every day.

  • i am not sure what's worse - being physically exploited or used in a PR campaign... If the Singaporeans and Coca Cola truly appreciate the hard work of migrate workers, they would fight for the bias, condition, treatment, and wage issues that they are facing. Otherwise, it's another hypocratic PR stunt