Are Your Retirement Investments Helping Gun Companies? This New PSA Can Tell You

States United to Prevent Gun Violence says there is $1.9 billion in mutual funds invested in three public American gun companies, and some of it could be yours.

When it comes to the debate over gun violence, the focus typically remains around the laws of the land and safety awareness.

A new campaign by States United to Prevent Gun Violence eschews these usual emotionally charged battlegrounds to instead focus on the bottom line. The nonprofit organization says there is $1.9 billion in mutual funds invested in three public American gun companies, and some of it could be yours. Together with agency Grey New York, it has created a site where Americans can check to see if any of their 401K is invested in these gun makers.

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The campaign's video spot features parents and friends of people lost at Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and other more anonymous acts of gun violence talking about the impact guns have had on their lives.

The site uses data from FactSet Research Systems and provides a downloadable PDF to show whether your own investments are tied up in gun companies as well as a template letter you can send to human resources, questions to ask your financial advisor, and more to unload your portfolio.

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  • Steve Bateman

    99.997% of all the guns in America are never used to commit any homicides, and are owned by free Americans doing nothing more insidious than simply exercising one of their constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights. (You remember civil rights?). How about if FC stays out of politics for a change?

  • Gerald Goldschein

    So many of our population are so focused on "fairness" that they have forgotten that existence is not fair! How come nature has seen fit to have tall people and short people? Why are we not all the same height? Of course, none of the no child left behind advocates come close to understanding this. You want no violence, get rid of violent people. Do not take tools of protection out of existence.

  • Marty Stewart

    This is a bad thing? If so, drop out of the mutual funds that invest in liquor and automobiles because they kill far more than guns do (and when combined they really become lethal). Come'on FC, get out of the politics and the left-wing agenda and stick to awesome design and business news.

  • How about focusing on actual problems? Many of these statistics are most likely generated from LA, DC, and Chicago. Do these statistics include firearms used by law enforcement? This country is in dire need of real economic opportunity rather than welfare; health care that works (including mental health); education that kids can use rather than indoctrination and teaching to the test. Life is also trivialized by our culture through tv, movies, abortion... Too many people want to focus on inanimate objects instead of the cause of violence.