Infographic: These Are The Weirdest Things Thousands of People Google Every Month

Australian SEO company SearchFactory reveals some of the weirder questions that way too many people somehow keep asking Google all the time.

Google is obviously an amazing informational resource, summoning all the secrets of the universe in less than .2 seconds. It serves as an oracle, unto which we project all our desires, fears, and mild concerns. Although each of us has our own protective battle to fight over anyone in our framily groups discovering what's in these histories, that information is still out there in the world. And as it turns out, some rather weird searches are shockingly common.

Australian SEO company SearchFactory recently put together and infographic that reveals "The Crazy S**t People Search On Google." Inspired by an interoffice conversation, some SearchFactory employees decided to use Google's Keyword Planner tool to get some usage stats on some of the more bizarre searches they'd come across. The results involve lots of revealing data you never wanted to learn about a cross section of humanity.

For instance, 4.4K people per month educate themselves on how to use Google by Googling "How do I Google something." Also, anyone who plans to start having an affair by asking Google, "How to have an affair," which apparently includes 5.4K people monthly, is destined for failure. Have a look at other searches in the infographic below.

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  • innovate

    It should go without saying that wives are not their husbands' sandwich makers. That "joke" was in poor taste and completely irrelevant to the illustration. Not okay, SearchFactory. Or Fast Company for supporting it.

  • Mike Sullivan

    I haven't even had a cup of coffee this morning and my hope for mankind is already further diminished. Thanks for the insight.

  • Geoff Mackey

    We had a long, interesting discussion about this at the office the other day. I eventually formed the opinion that infographics should contain information and graphics that when put together tell a better story than either of them could've done on their own. This one doesn't do that. It just illustrates each statistic in quirky way. What's your definition?

  • I completely agree. The numbers are represented as a pure number and not comparative graphics so you can see how they relate to each other.