Greenpeace Imagines a World Full of Robot Bees

A surprisingly horrifying delightful vision of our future without honeybees.

Should we create a new world or save our own? This is the question posed in a new spot by Greenpeace for its "Save the Bees" campaign. The commercial imagines a world in which robotic bees—a.k.a NewBees— have been manufactured to save the planet when our current natural pollinators go extinct. It's true that European Honeybees are in decline. Colony Collapse Disorder is a real phenomenon and possibly linked to the pesticide use. Greenpeace's vision of the future is deceptively normal.

The spot features an idyllic meadow, formerly a barren wasteland, rescued by "little marvels of advanced robotics." The NewBees are both productive and friendly. They play nice with little kids. They are however, equipped to neutralize enemies. In fact, "nothing can harm them." What could possibly go wrong, in this new world where living creatures are replaced by millions of unstoppable pollinating-and-killing machines? We're totally fine.

The spot drives viewers (after urging them to Google "robot bees") to to learn more.

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  • This has all kinds of bad in it. No, because it leaves an open door for the bees and the companies that make them to use the money to be used for evil. People seem to forget the fact that where there are robots there are hackers and where there are hackers, that technology can be compromised and used for evil. Imagine a swarm of those bees being compromised and attacking whole cities and used as a weapon against innocent people. Or the bees being used by corporations to force indigenous people off their lands. Robot locusts to ruin crops. Robot insects in general. People and corporations being careless, just because something can be replaced by something artificial. Who's to say where the evil could end? Imagine the companies that create these things to make more money and use them to expand their operations to places where the people don't want them. This is all kinds of bad. Save what we got. Mother earth knows what's best better than we do.