To Bring Climate Change Home, A Chef Cooks Eggs and Bacon Directly On Hot Pavement

The "Global Warming Menu" gives new meaning to street food.

This past December, Asuncion the capital of Paraguay, was found to be one of the hottest cities in the world. The reason: deforestation. According to the WWF, today, 1,700,000 hectares are left of the 8.8 million hectares of the Upper Parana Atlantic Forest (BAAPA) that existed in 1960, equivalent to one fifth of the surface of Paraguay—that is, in the last 50 years 80% of these Paraguayan native forests have disappeared.

To draw attention to this catastrophic change, the WWF, Paraguay, and agency Oniria\TBWA to create a "Global Warming Menu." Celebrity chef Rodolfo Angenscheidt, cooked a lunch of fried eggs and bacon in a skillet that was placed directly onto the city street. The asphalt was so hot, that immediately the oil started to sizzle; within minutes, the food was cooked through. The stunt was orchestrated last month and the agency has just released this case study video. Watch it above.

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  • Spantax Fellini

    Total BS I live here. Temperatures have not changed for hundreds of years (significantly. My father an Atmospheric Physicist/Meteorologist worked for the World Meteorogical Organization here for 10 years in the 70's and set up all the Stevensons boxes to correct standards. Most mesurements here are affected by UHI (Asuncion) is in fact a stevenson box at the Airport and regularly is 4 degrees ABOVE a similar box just meters away in a rural area.

  • Great message - but only if it were based on fact, not fallacy. Paraguay can still have all their trees: eggs will still fry.

    The stunt's argument is false. They could've easily fried eggs 100 years ago in that very same spot. The tiny +/- degrees of warming really don't affect this area as drastically.

    Temp change DOES have a profound effect on ice caps, sea levels, crops, winds. But to demonstrate this by showing how 'hot' a city is becoming, using a stunt that fries an egg is a stretch. Nice starting message, but doesn't go deeper – even if they did score it with dramatic music.

    It actually hurts the real scientific argument. It may do great by some award show judges, as people may not think below the surface. But that's why we have have global warming to begin with – people haven't thought critically about it. Raise 'awareness' among general population in Paraguay about their trees? Why? Start with our client's resource management. We'll have way more (real) impact.

  • Gwenny Todd

    Seriously? This is your "proof" that humans are causing climate change. When I have a kid, you could do this is OHIO . . .