Mazda Uses Instagram Grid View To Create One Long Road Trip

Over four months and 60 posts, the automaker assembles an engaging piece of interactive advertising.

Take a look at your Instagram page. Typically, your individual posts of desserts in Hefe, Lo-Fi'd friends, Inkwell pets, and Mayfair sunsets taken in all at once will resemble a photo-filtered scrapbook of your daily life.

But between December and March, Mazda and agency JWT Canada used Instagram's grid-view to create a four-month virtual road trip to create one big image that's less random brand scrapbook and more like a piece of Pieter Bruegel-inspired digital artwork. Amid the illustrated twists and turns of "Long Drive Home" are event promos, videos, and more.

The campaign helped grow Mazda Canada's Instagram following by more than 300%, and ended with one lucky follower getting keys to a brand new car.

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  • Mark Bilfield

    This is a cool idea from a creative perspective. On the other hand….

    How many cars did this program sell? How many people visited the dealership to even test drive? That is where the rubber meets the road.