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Infographic: See The Daily Routines Of The World's Most Famous Creative People

From Darwin to Mozart, this data visualization of Daily Rituals: How Artists Work shows you how the super-achievers spent their time.

We tend to imagine writers, painters, and composers burning the midnight oil, skipping meals, and working feverishly when true inspiration strikes. In fact, Tchaikovsky and Charles Dickens got plenty of Zs each night. Immanuel Kant made a point of visiting the pub every day. And Auden, Milton, and Beethoven kept precise work schedules. These details are catalogued in Creative Routines, an infographic from Info We Trust about the schedules of accomplished creatives. The poster draws on data from Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey about how 161 geniuses—from Jane Austen to Andy Warhol—spent their time. If you're an artist, it's a helpful guideline, especially if you feel guilty taking that midday nap. Thomas Mann and Charles Darwin certainly didn't.

Click on the infographic below and on the images in the gallery to see how they all spent their time.

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  • The people commenting on there being only one woman in the infographic are ridiculous. Maybe the author didn't bother paying attention or making a big deal about gender, and instead explored the routines of famous people she found interesting? Not to mention women didn't have the opportunity to succeed to the same degree as men throughout history due to gender roles and discrimination. Don't lambast the author for such stupid reasons, not everything has to be about gender.

  • The fact that there is only one woman on here basically made me not care. How horribly biased and sexist. Granted, in a field of old, dead, white men -- you did include an African American woman. But one? Really?

  • Jonathan Robert Lefrançois

    Only one PoC / one woman? Pretty pathetic, sorry. The WORLD's most famous creative people? Newsflash: the world in inhabited by other genders than male and by non-caucasian folk, too!

  • Ivan Vera

    Maybe Jennifer was so interested specifically on those men, it doesn't mean anything, but yes, more women the next time please.

  • Gale Rubinoff

    Seriously, why even have women on this info-graphic? Even one is pushing it. That slot could have been filled with yet another influential man who's hard work and scientific endeavors progressed our species into the era we so comfortably inhabit. Females, mostly feminists, seem to misunderstand the term genius, namely how it's nearly impossible to apply to a woman. It's not so much the fact that females have smaller brains (which is proven by science) but more so the fact that they cannot thrive in academic environments like men can. The reason we have so little influential females in science, culture, academia and so forth is because they were not designed by God or nature to contend with the intellect and larger brains found in men.

  • Angela Butts Chester

    Only one woman? You could've added Oprah or any CEO of a company; not that Dr. Angelou isn't OK, just wish there were more modern women to see how they stack up to my own routine. Maybe you could do another one just about women?

  • Guy Palm

    Most of these people are pre-television area people. They should add another color to show how much time someone spends as a couch potato watching TV every night. Although… I often watch TV while doing other things, like working on my own "creative genius" stuff, so it would have to be striated for me. Then have another color for how much time people waste on social media looking at info-graphics like this, and cat pictures, vs. actual face to face social time.

    It's interesting that there is no obvious, repeating characteristic… except maybe walking as an exercise and caffein and nicotine. Work times seem widely varied by time of day and amount. Most are sleeping at night, but there is variety there too. Only a few taking naps. What defining characteristic of creative routine are we to extract from this? They work a lot? The work a little? They are very social? They are not very social? It's all over the place.

    As an info-graphic, I think I would have made the nighttime side dark, sp

  • Jen Scholte

    There are many super creative genius women with a husband, kids, work, home and still time for tea. I would encourage you to create and app so we could add to your list of famous creative folk! Inspiring info-graphic. Thanks for sharing!