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This GoPro Captured a Day of High-Fives...From The Hand's Point of View

Note to self: always reciprocate a stranger's high five.

It was pretty cool when those people strapped a GoPro to an eagle and gave us all the feeling of flight. But simpler, earthbound alternate viewing experiences can be equally delightful. Like the high-five cam. Andrew Maxwell-Parish, a.k.a Electric Slim, used thrift store objects including a helmet and swing arm lamp to catalog an afternoon's worth of high-fives from the hand's POV. As he explains at, "You can give a random high five to a stranger and, more than likely, it will make them feel better."

Maxwell-Parish rigged the GoPro apparatus to his body so that the camera points directly at the person he's high-fiving. He then created a Wi-Fi enabled control panel, which he strapped to his arm. This let him record each hand slap for its precise duration. The resulting footage will put a huge smile on your face. In fact, it will make you want to high-five the next person you see on the street.

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